Our Mission

At Mindroom PSP, our mission is to deliver world-class sports science programs to empower athletes, military warfighters and investment professionals to achieve their performance goals. We deliver on that commitment by striving to provide our clients with next generation sport science technology and expertise. We accomplish this goal by providing a fully integrated human systems platform engineered to enhance our athletes’ performance.

Our Philosophy

The Mindroom philosophy is to provide our clients with performance solutions to enhance athlete performance. We achieve this goal by integrating sport science expertise and innovative technology to provide athletes and coaches real-time sport-specific feedback on performance. In addition, we empower coaches and management with evidence-based tools for informed decision-making with the goal of delivering performance success under pressure and on demand.

Our Approach

Our Mindroom Human Performance Lab utilizes a performance intervention process for human systems integration, with the goal of individualization, which includes the following sport science steps:

  1. Assessment
  2. Mental Performance Skills
  3. Performance Training
  4. Simulation Testing
  5. Evaluation

Our Team

At Mindroom PSP, we offer world-class sport science expertise through a range of innovative technologies to provide Team Management with Performance Solutions that deliver a competitive advantage on and off the field.

Pierre Beauchamp, Ph.D., President & Founder

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